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A synergistic combination of proven fat burners and CNS stimulants allow your body to mobilise and break down stubborn body fat, in addition to controlling appetite and suppressing harmful cravings. Thermo 9MM is manufactured using HALAL Certified Gelatine capsules.

Who’s it for: Any athlete or regular gym-goer looking to rapidly burn bodyfat can benefit from supplementing Terhmo 9mm into their nutritional regime.

Expected Results: 1-2 capsules per day, when combined with a planned calorie deficit, should be able to further enhance fat loss efforts.

Key Ingredients: Theacrine provides clean energy while simultaneously helping to blunt harmful cravings and lower appetite, assisting dietary efforts.

Weight/Servings: 60 capsules | 1-2 capsules daily.

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The Science 

  •  A synergistic combination of proven fat burners and CNS stimulants allow your body to mobilise and break down stubborn body fat, in addition to controlling appetite and suppressing harmful cravings.

 The Dosages 

  • Uncompromising dosages of the revolutionary Theacrine (100mg), combined with historically popular powerhouses Orange Bitter Peel Extract (150mg) & Caffeine Anhydrous are paired with powerful absorption factors like Bioperine & Vitamin B6 for maximum absorption for all individuals.

 The Results

  •  2 capsules per day (before meals or when fasting) provide sufficient ammo to start mercilessly breaking down stubborn body fat and revealing the granite-like physique you hold underneath.

Conditioning. It's the true definition of who you are; what you stand for; what you've become. But unless you have it, you're living in the shadow of your true potential. 

Yet so many fail to accomplish it. The reasons? Not enough discipline. Your mental state collapsing. Your body's hormones fluctuating wildly in response to the changes imposed upon it.


Getting shredded more often than not ends up as a fruitless venture. Not anymore. 

Enter Thermo 9MM. 

Each potent capsule will blast away fat with its blazing combination of thermogenic ingredients that explode upon ingestion. 

180mg of Caffeine Anhydrous & 200mg Kigelia get the body firing and the fat mobilised initially.


Just as things begin to heat up, Theacrine (1,3,7,9-tetramethyluric acid)  enters the arena: a powerful, innovative ingredient that provides clean, lazer-like energy with zero jitters of crashing that cause indiscipline on most people's forays into calorie deficits.


With the central nervous system stimulated and your mental zone optimised, it's time to step up serious fat-burning efforts. A 150mg hit of Bitter Orange Peel Extract opens the gates of the dormant fat cells in your body to be attacked and broken down mercilessly.


Thermo 9MM is strengthened with the inclusion of L-Taurine, Bioperine, Vitamin B6 & Chromium for maximum absorption of the compounds and full neuromuscular health support. 

When you go into battle with your body fat, having Thermo 9MM as your companion doesn't just make sense - it's mandatory. 

Leave nothing to chance in a war that only those best prepared come out sharing the spoils. Reveal your true physique and life's work and melt fat away with Thermo 9MM.

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IFBB Pro Anth Bailes Says

With my fat burner, I wanted to achieve a product that went beyond just blitzing bodyfat. This product is directed at the serious athlete who diets hard! We all know what comes with a hard pre contest diet: lack of energy, and the ability to focus when the carbohydrates and calories are low. Hunger kicks in and you find yourself constantly looking at the clock for when your next meal is due. Well, we have the perfect blend of crash-free stimulants to handle the lack of energy and to battle the hunger pangs & cravings. Thermo 9mm will give you the kick you need to get through that cardio and those long tiresome days. Combined with Teacrine at a high dose to help with focus and mental clarity, Thermo 9mm is the ultimate weapon against the battle of fat. Although Thermo 9mm is a very strong product aimed at the serious athlete, regular people can use it too. Just make sure you start with 1 capsule to see if you can handle it. Trust me, check the ingredient profile on this piece of artillery. You won’t try a more potent fat burner than Thermo 9mm.
Anth Bailes

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