I remember years ago when you used to flick open a bodybuilding mag to get the latest fad diet that promises insane results after just 2 weeks. 

I think the terminology today would be coined “Hipster”, although forgive me: I’m a bit too old school to keep up with the terminology. 

Usually they proposed extreme 12 week bulking periods where you’d stuff every calorie in sight down your throat. 

This was usually followed by a gruelling 3 month cut where your carbs amount to a flake of oatmeal each morning. 

I look back now and laugh. But I shouldn’t. This extreme approach to dieting has ultimately turned more people away from the sport than it ever produced results. And I hate that.


I’m all about sustainability - results over the long-term. 

That’s why I was always 100% against these calorie-laden formulas that jam-packed some milk protein with maltodextrin and then told aspiring trainees to shovel it down their gullets. 

Is it any wonder we turned so many off as their stomachs grew and their muscles softened up? 

Or when they began to diet, they’d end up zapped of energy, devoid of strength and motivation? 

I usually stay within 30lbs of contest weight these days, and even I couldn’t imagine following these dietary protocols.

With the Maxxmuscle brand, we’re focussed on sustainable, results-based approached to building muscle and shredding bodyfat, without any B/S that leads you up the garden path.

Alongside the successful current line-up, I have some more killer formulas planned, for sure, but they are NOTHING without the trainees application and focus to the key details such as sustainable, hardcore nutritional principles along the way. 

100% or nothing when it comes to nutrition doesn’t mean eat all calories or nothing. It means maximum application to sustainable practices, which produce consistent results in the long-term and aren’t short-sighted. 

I’ll speak to you in a few days about another missing ingredient that most lifters fail on, and in my opinion, it’s the #1 reason people don’t achieve results or success in the game.


Till then, keep it real. 100% or nothing.