I understand man - really, I do. Fat Loss is FRUSTRATING at the best of times.

There’s nothing worse than being behind schedule weeks leading up to a contest, a holiday, or a photoshoot, when all you want to do is look your best.

But getting shredded with your veins protruding like pipelines over exploding muscles is a process, and it takes time.

I know that’s not what you exactly want to hear in my 5 “secrets”, but bear with me here and I WILL reveal some hacks that can fast-track the process.

I just need you to understand first that fundamentally, fat loss requires two key components to work for everyone - and once you fully understand these, the 5 hacks that I reveal to you will effortlessly fall into place.

Make sense? Awesome.

OK, so here are the two BIGGEST factors that determine you getting shredded, and it’s what I’ll give you my hacks based on:


Consistency because if you’re one of those drama queens that overreacts on a daily basis like “OH God, my abs were more visible last night! Need to cut carbohydrates to zero for the next few days!” then sorry to break it to you, but you’re DOOMED from the beginning.

Listen, prepping for a show or to get shredded requires diligence, and chopping and changing the routine every damn day just throws vital hormones like leptin & ghrelin COMPLETELY out of whack and halts your progress to a stand still.

So rule #1: set a dietary plan with solid principles, and STICK to the bloody thing!

Seriously, don’t f*** this one up and then come back to me saying “Anth, I upped my high carb days for 3 days straight and ate pizza and ice cream because I looked flat, and now I feel like I’m back to square one in my diet.”

Man, listen: you’re ALWAYS going to have days when you look and ‘feel’ a little difference - that’s natural!

In all my experience training, only a few genetic freaks can break all the rules and still look ridiculous.

So, rule #1: be consistent and stick to the damn plan. No messing around.

2) Realism

Do you need to lose 20lbs of bodyfat? If so, 4 weeks isn’t gonna cut it, mate.

Be pragmatic and don’t be stupid when dieting - common sense is worth its weight in gold.

Don’t cut calories too fast; don’t rely on cheat days excessively; don’t manipulate water or carbs every day; don’t switch the macro ratios round every other day.

You need to set a realistic time frame with an attainable goal. It’s without a doubt the #1 way to ensure your diet is a success, combined with being consistent.

In my honest opinion, aiming for 1-2lbs of fat loss per week is suitable for 99% of individuals. If you have to lose more than that, then you can only use extreme measures and they are definitely not sustainable in the long-run, something I’m massively against.

Give yourself enough time, be realistic with your goals from the off, and be consistent.

All this sound good? Great.

Tomorrow we’re going to get into the real juicy techniques I’ve been using so successfully over the years that really do strip the fat off everybody I’ve worked with, AND retain muscle for all individuals.

Make sure you read my post tomorrow and let’s get you on your way.

Until then, keep it real - 100% or Nothing - ALWAYS!