Workouts are intense - that’s just the way it is.

It helps separate the men from the boys, and it’s the reason some succeed while others fail.

BUT, maintaining consistency of the intensity needed to grow is the BIGGEST challenge any bodybuilder faces for long-term success.

That’s where amino acids come into play and why they’re so important.

Yes, you read that correctly: amino acids are required to maintain maximum intensity over the long-term.

When you train as we do to build muscle, you rapidly break down energy substrates which affect your performance on the corresponding set.

Over the course of a workout, your performance gradually declines, until any attempt to pump out more reps becomes futile and counterproductive.

Amino Acids, like those found in EAAMMO help stave off this drop in intra-workout intensity and maintain adequate performance.

In a nutshell: helping to maintain the intensity needed for peak performance.

Ok, so this is just one of the ways you can use EAAMMO to help improve overall performance, which in turn elicits a greater response for the muscles when recovering.

Tomorrow, I’ll go over in more detail how I personally use amino acids to help bolster my recovery efforts and get ahead of the competition.

100% or Nothing - always!

-Anth Bailes