Building muscle is tough, let’s face it.

Your Body doesn’t need - or want - 20+  inch arms.

But we DO!

You must FORCE your body to respond and adapt to the stress you put upon it, and in turn, grow bigger and stronger.

I have always pushed my main working sets to failure....and beyond.

Here are some of my favourite intensity techniques to push your body past the point of failure when it is screaming no!


Pretty basic principle, but still very effective.

Once you have hit the point of failure and you can’t perform any more reps on your own,have a training partner or spotter assist you with another 1 - 2 reps.

That is ASSIST, not do the reps for you.

A good training partner who is a good spotter is worth their weight in Gold.

I personally wouldn’t do more than 2 forced reps, at the very most 3!

After that, things start to get sloppy...and risky!

Supplement Recommendation for Forced reps: Creatine has the ability to enhance ATP production, which in turn will allow for greater strength gains in assisting this aspect. Atomic Bomb contains 1.85G of creatine per serving to assist with this.


This is probably my staple intensity technique for pushing past positive failure.

Hit as many reps and you can with your main poundage for that set.

When you cannot do another rep,drop the poundage by around 30-40 % and keep going until you hit failure again.

Then, drop the poundage again my 30-40 % a rep out until there is nothing left in the tank. 2 drops is usually enough.

Drop sets are a little easier on the joints and tendons than forced reps, and you are also hitting different fibre types with doing a variety of heavy weight dropping down to lower weight and getting a greater number of reps over the entire set.

Supplement Recommendation for Drop Sets: The nasty pumps that accompany drop-sets are tailor made for HydroMax™& Glycerol with its hydrating properties and intra-workout nutrient delivery capabilities. It hurts, but it works! Atomic Bomb contains 3grams of these innovative ingredients - the perfect amount for getting the most out of drop-sets.


Your muscles have 3 levels of strength:

The POSITIVE part of the rep being the weakest; STATIC Contraction coming 2nd; and The NEGATIVE part of the rep being the strongest.

Static hold and negatives are best performed on machines where you can get a good peak contraction.

Using the bicep curl machine for example, I would perform as many reps as possible (I prefer 6 - 10 reps as my rep range for muscle hypertrophy) then I would do 2 forced reps with the help of my training partner.

After the 2 forced reps, I would hold the weight in the contracted position for as long as possible.Once that level of strength gave out and I couldn’t hold it any longer, I would then get my training partner to get the weight into the top / contracted position and i would lower the weight as slow as possible for 2 negative reps.

That would be all 3 levels of strength exhausted.

Supplement Recommendation for Static Holds & Negatives: The 3grams of beta-alanine found within Atomic Bomb are ample for delaying the onset of lactic acid that will attempt to flood your muscles during heavy static holds & negatives. This will allow you to maintain intensity as the muscles fail, giving you one final push to stimulate new growth & muscle tissue.