In this series of articles, I’ll cover everything from training frequency to rep ranges, but first, let me cover the basic methodology of HIT and why I’m a proponent of it as the best way to train.


Intensity is the #1 Factor


It is my core belief that intensity is the #1 factor when determining the results in muscle growth you achieve through training.


Intensity reigns supreme above total volume, rep speed, recovery, exercise selection, etc.


This is simply because the amount of intensity you generate during a set is equivalent to the stress you impose upon a muscle group, determining the overall stimulus for that body part to grow.


Without intensity, you can’t enforce a stimulus on the body to grow - it really is that simple.


At its essence, HIT is about maximising the stimulus on the body, and intensity is the benchmark we use to gauge that.


How to increase workout intensity


There are many physical and psychological tricks you can perform to ramp up the intensity during your workouts.


The most important is self-motivation: you have to WANT this sh*t guys. Nothing is more important than being motivated to get your a** down to the gym day-after-day in order to see results.


The second most important factor is adequate rest and recovery, both through effective nutrition and quality sleep. This is a serious lifestyle factor, and takes into account meal preparation, macronutrient counting as well as respecting the benefits that quality deep sleep promotes for the body’s overall systems.


Ultimately, bodybuilding is a combination of all these factors coming together and displaying synergy, working as an army towards the battlefield with the end goal of muscular growth.


No factor takes precedence above others, and you have to manage each aspect to achieve maximum results.




HIT is the best bang for your buck method, based on deductive reasoning and science to achieve muscular growth. In the coming articles/videos, I’ll discuss various factors that contribute towards an effective HIT program and how to structure your training and nutrition for maximum results.


I’ll see you on the battlefield - 100% or Nothing.