Since my previous 3 blog posts, I’ve been bombarded with questions from you all asking how on earth I can sit on a soapbox criticizing pre-workouts, but then bring out my own and stand behind it!

Let me clarify, man, because I think there’s a very important distinction to make here.

I am not ridiculing pre-workouts. If they’re formulated correctly, they can be fantastic weapons to tackle the weight room with. Who could deny that?

I am simply criticizing the trend of loading them up full of harsh, unhealthy stimulants with an ulterior motive in mind (profits and addiction), which is simply wrong.

When I formulated Atomic Bomb, I explicitly excluded these heavy stimulants for those very reasons. I wanted a product with compounds that deliver clean energy, no crash / comedown, zero anxiety, and allows you to sleep well after using it.

In this regard, TeaCrine has been a revolutionary ingredient. It’s included along with a small amount of caffeine and guarana, because frankly speaking, central nervous system stimulants CAN enhance performance, mental clarity and drive – I’ve never denied that.

All I’m saying is there is a threshold, and companies have been using the wrong marketing strategies to get lifters hooked on their products without any consideration for the side-effects.

I can guarantee my product will NOT leave you feeling like you’re tripping in Ibiza on a 6-day bender, but instead mentally focused, cognitively aware, and driven.

It also doesn’t have a nasty crash or give you anxiety, and I haven’t heard any feedback to date suggesting it would.

So yeah, I definitely think I’ve differentiated myself from the pack with Atomic Bomb on this one, and I have zero problem in fully supporting and standing behind my product (if only others could put their faces towards theirs…).

It’s not just about the stimulants.

It’s also been specifically formulated to buffer lactic acid build-up in the muscles, increase explosiveness and contraction quality, in addition to enhancing the pump, nutrient delivery, and overall aesthetic appearance.

Tomorrow, I’ll explain how it does that. But I appreciate you hearing me out today.

Until then, keep it real. 100% Or Nothing – always.