Yesterday I told you about the uproar that fell on the supplement industry’s protein industry a couple of years ago, and the absolute scandal of companies ripping you off for your hard-earned cash for years with their shady amino-spiking of supplements.

I’ve been very vocal about what needs to be done in the past on this issue, starting with abandoning all companies who implement these disgraceful practices.

But it’s equally as important to know HOW to spot the liars.

Here’s just one way you can catch out their deception:

When looking at the label on the back of a protein supplement, pay very close attention to unusually high concentrations of the following amino acids:

  • Glycine
  • Taurine
  • Glutamine
  • Isoleucine
  • Valine

And, of course, those who try to include creatine to buff up the content and pass it off as an “extra”, included in the formula…

Of course, some companies just flat out lie and don’t include the correct ingredients - there’s no way to identify that.

That’s why it’s paramount to choose a brand you trust, full of integrity, that stands behind its labels claims.

I’m convinced Tactical Whey IS a revolution in the protein industry, and not just for its protein content matching the labels claims.

It has increased ingredients tackling two MAJOR issues for serious lifters in this day & age, something others willfully ignore because it increases the costs of their product.

Not my style, as you already know. So tune in tomorrow and I’ll reveal WHY Tactical Whey is a cut above the rest on the market, in addition to revealing more secrets they don’t want you to know in the murky protein industry.

Until then, keep it real as always. 100% Or Nothing.