A little under 2 years ago, the supplement industry was rocked with a bombshell that shook us all to the core.

Reputable companies (and I’m talking about massive brands), had been deliberately manipulating and lying about the contents of their protein that you spent your hard-earned cash on.

How did they lie?

By using a tactic known as “amino spiking”, big companies were deliberately infusing their whey protein supplements with cheap filler amino acids such as glycine, taurine, and even creatine to boost their “nitrogen content”.

How did they get away with it?

These lying frauds got away with this because protein is measured by the amount of nitrogen the amino acids contain, where normal tests don’t differentiate between complete proteins and amino acids.

This means they’ve been lobbing in cheap filler to prop up the protein content, despite the fact that it’s completely false and misleading. Boils my damn blood...

What happened?

Lawsuits ensued, and the industries integrity was massively damaged and sent into chaos.

Many companies remain steadfastly arrogant - they refused to admit they were in the wrong, and to date they’re still fighting the charges brought against them vigorously. It’s like they’ve got no shame !

Some companies who claimed 50grams of protein per serving tested as low as 19grams of actual protein per product. Another BIG brand that claimed 27grams per serving turned out to actually only contain 12 grams of protein!

Why does this matter?

It matters because if you have, say, a goal of 200grams of protein per say, and you consume over 100grams from protein supplements, you could end up legitimately over 60grams - on average - away from that macronutrient target.

It’s an absolute outrage, … and they STILL haven’t cleaned up their act.

I couldn’t stand by and let this happen without questioning it, and I’ll tell you guys straight up, it was a MASSIVE reason I decided to enter this industry once and for all to restore some integrity in the sport that I love.

Tomorrow, I’m going to explain exactly WHY Tactical Whey absolutely needed to be created by me and my team, in addition to WHY these companies lied to you for several years - as well as what you can do about it.

I’ll speak to you then. Be sure to spread the word and share this post with all your friends who are also in the game. It’s vital to get the word out so we can make the necessary improvements going forward, man…

Until then, keep it real - 100% Or Nothing (especially when it comes to protein labelling claims!).