A lot of bodybuilders have said over the years that amino acid supplementation isn’t necessary if you get adequate protein intake.

I completely disagree.

And while science has now comprehensively shown their benefit intra-workout, I personally use them outside of this window during the day as well.

Reason being is simple: science (and my experience in the trenches) says it works.

You cnnot replicate the impact on protein synthesis (muscle building) and recovery using direct amino acid supplementation compared with food.

There is a net gain in protein synthesis that you can’t achieve solely consuming whole foods, and that’s why I take at least 1 serving of EAAMMO daily in between meals.

Now, if you want to take recovery to the next level and you’re a competitive athlete, then I’d also advise a serving before bed as a precaution.

Otherwise, 2-3 servings daily, intra-workout and in between meals helps optimise protein synthesis for bodybuilders and athletes alike.

The quality of the amino acids, of course, is paramount as well - tomorrow I’ll explain what sets EAAMMO apart from the rest, but click here to get a sneak preview of what I’m about to tell you if you can’t wait.

100% or Nothing - always!

- Anth Bailes