Shopping Trolley - The Recipe For Success with Michael Blacow

I want to talk about something other than picking up the weights, something different than the movements and the 3,4,5 days at the gym.
I’m going to talk about the main ingredient for getting the results, the food!! Not only the food but the shopping experience.

Over all there are millions of shops that sell food products. This can be from your pound land store, corner shop, petrol station, garden centre up to the massive super markets.

When we’re training we have our end goal in mind. For example mine as it stands is to compete in 2019. I need to bulk, I’d like to put some more weight on before I start my prep. So I need to be looking at what foods I need to be eating over the next twelve months and how much I want to stay on track and have no wobbles off the charts by filling my face with rubbish. I know what foods I want because it’s simple for me, your basics, your bodybuilding foods: WHOLE FOODS, meat, eggs, rice, potatoes, pasta,bagels (and sugar free Pepsi’s in there) that sort of stuff.

Growing up as a skinny kid, the main challenge for me has always been getting enough calories in me to grow and maintain the muscle... so the odd junk food meal here and there doesn’t do any harm.

However, general population overall don’t have a healthy diet. This is where the modern day shops come into play, do they really have to stick every range of chocolate bar on the shelf? Then on the drinks section it’s full of milkshakes with these bars in them. Well there are more sugary drinks on the shelves than there is water! When you do stumble on the water it’s more expensive to buy! This is why the younger generation are growing up living of high sugary drinks, something the government have overlooked!

Then we get on to the petrol stations, catching people running late, so they have the ready made sandwiches in the warming oven. No thanks. I’m going to stay home the night before and prepare my oats a scoop of protein and a banana. But they do, these catch people because it’s all about advertising!

So with advertising comes supermarkets. You walk into a supermarket and the first thing you see is either, a random house decoration that’s over priced, a toy your child wants that he/she has now seen and must have or it crates a drama for the big food shop or alcohol on OFFER!

Everything in super markets is in big fancy colours to attract the brain, this then triggers the eye to look. Massive red signs, multipack of crisps WAS £10:00 now £8:99. Is like the saying goes, your not saving £1.01 your spending £8:99! But people in this generation are in a rush, on there phones or with the kids and they see these so called bargains and pick them up.

So where are the bagels we want for our bulking? Right in the far corner of the store, you know.......past the offers, down the chocolate isle where you know people can’t walk down without picking something up. Then they are on the shelf like no one wants them.

Once you’ve got the foods you want it’s checkout time at the till and at the side of you is a small fridge with maybe one row of waters in then the rest coke, Fanta and monster then more bars on top! What’s this all about? Why don’t they put sushi or pre made chicken salads in the fridges?


So now you’ve listened to what I think is in shops and you’ve seen it with your own eyes, I ask you this. Before you go shopping look around at what you see! how much we as a nation are being drawn into this junk food, wasted calorie train or nonsense? Then think to yourself, Is that what I want my body to be, like everyone else? Or do I want to follow my goals? Smash them then stamp all over them some more! Be wise, that’s what I do! I walk round that super market and pick my 12 pack of water up, my four boxes of eggs, my four packs of chicken and then on my way to the bagels I might look into peoples baskets and see the rubbish they have been drawn into!

Don’t get drawn in! Stay focused! Not only in the gym, not only at work or out with friends telling people yeah I’m into the gym, yeah I compete, but in the shops! In the corner shops! In the super markets as well! Results are worth investing in!

Be that trooper!
A MaxxMuscleTrooper!

Michael ‘Might Mouse’ Blacow