For years, I’ve seen some truly AWFUL amino products make their way onto the market…

Amino acids derived from garbage sources such as collagen and human hair (yuck) are as bad as they sound.

Quite simply, the body doesn’t utilise these amino acids efficiently when compared to a quality source like vegetable-fermented aminos we use in EAAMMO, as you’d expect.

And while most amino acid supplements focus solely on Leucine’s ability to promote protein synthesis (in a small 3gram dosage), not many go to the lengths we’ve gone at Maxxmuscle100.

See, we’ve fortified EAAMMO with over 6grams of BCAAs per serving in addition to a whopping 7.9grams of EAAs for good measure.

Why include EAAs alongside BCAAs?

Simple: your body needs BOTH to optimise performance, recovery and overall muscle building efforts.

The science is pretty clear on this; bodybuilders need the full spectrum of amino acids to fuel muscle building efforts most effectively, and EAAMMO covers all basis in these regards.

And, to tick one last box: it tastes effin’ amazing!

No joke - it doesn’t have the same chemically-altered taste other products have to them on the market.

Our Tropical Lime & Cherry Flavoured EAAMMO is genuinely delicious, and we’re certain you’ll agree once you sip on it during a strenuous workout (small pleasures in life, I know…).

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100% or Nothing - always!

- Anth Bailes