My story in bodybuilding started in 2010 when I went to see a bodybuilding show and I was inspired! I went with my Dad and his best mate (my training coach).

“I want to be up there! I want to do that” I said, to my Dads response:
“You’ll never do that!, you haven’t got the commitment to do it and you can’t live the life style like they do!” 

So that was it, did he say it because he didn’t believe in me or to give me something to hold on to? I still don’t know. 

I went away and smashed the gym! Five days a week. My training was on point, my diet was immense! So much food and so clean, no drinking on a weekend with mates. I just focused on one thing, that stage. 

2013 came and I came 3rd in my first show, the person presenting my trophy Kerry Kays, who’s gym I was training at, gave me a special mention when he handed it to me as well. It was great, a massive achievement! 
I stepped off stage and went to the back of the room, emotions everywhere, starving too and headed to my Dad. Showed him my trophy and had a cry and said “well, I guess I did it, didn’t I”!

Since then I have been training with my Dads best mate throughout. I went on to compete in April 2017 and came first. So much better package than ever before and an invite to the British finals. Then went on to compete in the finals but sadly came in the top ten of my class. 

I trained for two months after the British before getting ill and took a few months off, losing nearly 2 stone due to not being able to eat and train. My coach had also bought a house to move into and renovate so he had a break from training too. Then came a wave of massive amounts of unexpected bills like car maintenance and rent increase, it was never ending and getting depressing. 

Since then I have struggled to find 110% motivation to go back to the gym to compete because of having such a long time off, it became a viscous circle. Then when I was training, my coach/best mate wasn’t there to hammer me trough it. Everything was difficult! 

My point in this blog isn’t to advise you on what training to do, or what food to eat but to reassure you that life does throw curve balls at you some times, as it has done to me on several occasions!They can make you go away and prove people wrong and come back stronger. Sometimes they can be because there’s no reason what so ever. Rise above them and smash the curve balls away! I have come back to training a couple of weeks ago with my coach and feel like I’m going to be unstoppable. I have the urge for competing again and becoming better than I have been before! Ready for getting under those heavy plates and squatting them! 

Things can be difficult at times, however training can be a great stress release for the mind and body! I wish now I’d have gone back to training after the initial weeks I’d had off, but I’m not going to dwell on that. I’m going to represent the MaxxMuscleArmy at my next show! Sometimes if life’s tough don’t expect too much of yourself in the gym. Go in and just do a little bit, “literally”! Go in and speak to people, stay active even if it means switching your training up a little and trying new training plans  until your mind is more focused on coming back to the main goal you want to reach! 

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Mike Mighty Mouse Blacow