Now that the season for most of the competitors is over I read that so many people are struggling to stay focused and they are lacking motivation just becauae the goal is not in their eyesight.

Obviously after a months of staying In condition is time for body to recover and rebound. You starting offseason.  You shouldn't struggle. It's time to play the hard game in the gym. Easiest way to stay focused is remember why are you doing it. What are your goals.

Take a moment.

Take a close look at your competition pictures from this year and be very critical about yourself. Remember how you always wanted to look like and now analyse. Find your weaknesses, make a plan to make all the necessary improvements and all of a sudden you have your goal that you couldn't see before. I know that having a date of the show keeps us extremely focused during season, but so should making improvements do in the offseason.

That's why there is no really offseason. You are working even harder. Keep that in your mind. Don't be scared to put on weight. This is what we do if we need to grow more muscle tissue. Just keep in mind that if you blow off with your food intake you probably end up being depressed by all the unnecessary calories and pounds that you put on. It doesn't have to be a sad thing not going to compete for next 6months or a year. Make sure you plan your growth properly and enjoy the journey. It's a lifestyle. It will take a lot of time to create the body you want. If you will keep dieting 12months straight and more you won't ever make those improvements. A good offseason is very important in this sport so do not let lack of your end goal which was the stage ruin your progress. Get your head right and get to work.

Then we have another when starting offseason... People's perception of us.

"Don't get too big!", "oh you getting fat now", "did you stopped lifting"...

How often we as bodybuilders are being judged and criticised just because of the size of our bodies? Looking at girls perspective, the most common thing we hear is "but you know, just don't get too big, it don't look right"..

Really? So what Dores look right if not healthy body? Skinny body? Obese body? Shapeless body? Avarage body? One thing only does matter, the perceprtion of our own body.

See for  me, I have never been a tinny gilr. My frame was always bigger than normal girl. As a child I dreamed to be a model, but I was never tall enough..Bodybuilding is just perfect. You get on stage but instead of promoting unhealthy skinny body, you promote healthy lifestyle. If some people are saying to me "oh no, why are you lifting so heavy, it's not good for you, you should have change your hobby" my one and only reply is "would you prefer me to go every weekend to pub and drink until I am done?".

Nobody should ever make you feel bad about what you doing with your own body and life. For me lifting heavy is a therapy. It makes me happy if I can lift more than week before. My body reacts very well to training and I know I don't look like avarage girl. But who ever wants to be avarage?

To do this sport you have to have a strong head. When they say bodybuilding is a lonley sport, it is. Most of the people go into it for the wrong reasons. You have to be prepared to be back stabbed, spoken about, good and bad ways, people will turn on you andxs not many will stick around specially if you doing better than them or if they feel that you have a potential to do so.

But for the love that this sport brings with it its worth so it.