If you’re getting into bodybuilding because you want to be rich and earn a shit ton of money, I can tell you now you’re in the wrong sport. Very few make it to the top and even fewer make a living solely from bodybuilding. But what bodybuilding can give you is a skill-set that can be transferred to every day life; for me bodybuilding can teach self-discipline, self motivation, consistency, patience (it takes years to build a stage ready physique) and above all it will teach hard work.

One of the things I love most about bodybuilding is you can’t half arse it. When everyone is stood on stage you can tell straight away who hasn't put the work in, who hasn't been properly motivated, who hasn't been consistent or patient, you can tell who has half arsed it, or, in my gym who has trained with sedge reps (named after a guy who trains way too heavy - just moving the weight a quarter of an inch).
You can also clearly see who's put the work in, the consistency, who's trained properly and done the hard stuff - the deadlifts, bent over rows, squats, bench press, military press etc. They’re usually the guys who have been patient, who have self discipline and are self motivated.

If you hate a certain exercise then they’re probably the ones you should be doing - you know, the movements that take hard work, patience and discipline.

If you going to do it, do it properly or don't fucking bother, there is no easy or quick fix when it comes to bodybuilding.

Work hard, be consistent, have self-motivation and self discipline not just in bodybuilding, but put these skills into practice in everything you turn your hand to.