In our previous blog posts, I’ve covered the importance of sleep, mitigating harmful stimulants, and the revolution that is TeaCrine™ in Atomic Bomb.

But as you and I both know, performance goes beyond mental focus. It’s got to come in the form of heavy hitting strength gains, explosiveness, enhanced speed and endurance. Don’t think I haven’t considered this when formulating the product.

Here’s an overview on how the ingredients in Atomic Bomb will 100% amplify your performance and give you the edge on the battlefield:

Beta-alanine as CARNOSYN™ - 3000mg: This will buffer lactic acid build-up to the muscles allowing you to increase the amount of reps you perform on sets, enhancing endurance and overall strength gains. Probably only creatine has more evidence-backed research than beta-alanine, and 3 grams is the ample dosage for all lifters (which we’ve included).

GLYCEROL POWDER as (HYDROMAX™ & MONOSTEARATE) - 3000mg: This one is key for adequately hydrating the muscles and INSANE pumps. All bodybuilders who use this go ballistic at how swole they feel after training with Hydromax™.

Citrulline as (Nitrate & DL-Malate) - 2500mg: Citrulline not only extends your pain threshold through strenuous workouts, the research also suggests this amino acid has a profound effect on nutrient delivery, further enhancing pumps and overall performance. Lovely stuff, this one.

Creatine (HYDROCHLORIDE HCL & MONOHYDRATE) - 1850mg: This one is a given. If you’re serious about building strength, then creatine should be in your arsenal. And, as I’ve stated before, it’s strength gains which drive growth!

...and of course, we’ve got the legendary TeaCrine™ included within it alongside caffeine! (I know I keep banging on about this compound, but trust me, it’s gorgeous stuff - it really is).

So you can see: Atomic Bomb is no proprietary blend. It’s just a synergistic combination of hard-hitting, scientifically researched ingredients that are proven to enhance all aspects of performance, topped up with some revolutionary stimulants that don’t give you a crash.

Sold? I am… but I would say that, wouldn’t I?

Sorry guys, sales isn’t my strong point, and I’ll always keep things real with you, as you know.

But if you’ve been let down by pre-workout supplements in the past, then I promise you Atomic Bomb won’t leave you disappointed and it’s well worth a go.

Until next time, keep it real. 100% Or Nothing - with OR without Atomic Bomb!