Most famously known for its “one set” approach, It is usually not noted that this one set is your one ALL OUT intense set at the top of a series of warm-up sets. The more important aspect is the intensity which must be high, and I mean high. What makes training “high intensity”?

More particularly in the system created by Nautilus inventor Arthur Jones improved upon by 70s Mr Olympia competitior Mike Mentzer and later in my view perfected and brought more public and to the bodybuilding masses by six times Mr Olympia Dorian Yates.... what exactly does it entail?

Lets take a look at the word itself, science defines intensity “the quality or state of being intense; especially : extreme degree of strength, force, energy, or feeling”.

The first aspect and usually most misunderstood is weight....yes high intensity trainng requires heavy weights (sessions usullay invole 6-8 repititions) BUT and this is a massive but... it is imperlative that the lifters form is given as much if not more consideration than the poundage being used... if you can not control the weight using the target muscles contracting force on the positive (lifting the weight) eliminating all outside momentum (swinging the weight)... On completion of the rep the lifter must now hold that muscle contraction on the static part of the movement for a second or two before the most important and difficult part the: the negative phase of the lift (lowering of the weight).

If each repittion is performed as explained above and failure is reached at 6 reps THEN that is heavy. In other words its relative to the correct technique and the true strength of the individual. Therefore weight and form go hand in hand to create the intense rep.

This leads to the second part of Intensity or third seeing as weight and form one and two are really the same aspect. Energy and feeling: For a lifter to hit their maximum lifting capacity the MUST have aggression and almost crazed enthusiasm. This training is the ultimate example of “mind over matter” in order to reach your absolute maximum all out one set effort you MUST be fired up (this is where a top product like Maxxmuscle100% Or Nothing Atomic Bomb comes in). It is not optional it is simply essential that you get “in the zone”. This cannot be under stressed and as the Dorian Yates quote that hangs in Anth's Maxxmuscle Gym says it “get the body and the mind ready, the last set is going to be like somebody has got a gun to your little baby's head and he's going to pull the trigger unless you fucking give 100%..... its life and death.... one set!” 

The next aspect of high intensity training is failure. Ask yourself are you truly reaching failure? Are you stopping when it hurts or when the muscle truly has nothing left?

I find that most people quit well before the muscle has truly failed. Techniques like forced reps, negatives, rest-pause and drop-sets can all be utilized to truly push a muscle beyond what it can normally handle to force the body to adapt to the stimulus via hypertrophy (muscle growth)

Now you have the fundemental understanding of a true all out set you can start to consider if you really are training high intensity or just lifting weight you cant truly handle......always use perfect form, lift with controlled aggression (dont piss around on your phone or chit chat!! Get the job done!!) and always push to failure and then beyond. Follow these guidlines and I am certain you will find new growth.