I thought I’d use this first blog as an opportunity to introduce myself, and give you guys a bit of background information about what got me into bodybuilding. It’s my first time writing anything like this, so bear with me!


Having served in the Royal Marines, and played sport to a fairly decent standard in my youth I’ve been in and around gyms for a large part of my life. I played Rugby Union as a teenager for Northampton and the East Midlands, so being in the gym and training was never a new thing to me. After leaving the Royal Marines I fucked about in gyms for a while, I didn’t really have any direction and was missing the discipline of the marines and, as a result, I began getting into bother with the police. I slowly started devoting more time to the gym and more time to bodybuilding, which began to give me my discipline back.


As I spent more time in the gym, I noticed my body began to change quite quickly. Then one day, Ann Gardener (a competitive bodybuilder herself) suggested I enter a body building competition. So I thought, fuck it why not? As I started prep I began to get my focus back and felt like I had a goal again and something to aim for and work towards. I entered the North Staffs Open, placing 2nd out of 14 in the first-timers; then the following week I entered the Mr. Northants - winning my class and coming 2nd in the overall.


This spurred me on, and since then I’ve entered various shows including UKBFF, NABBA, IBFA, and WABBA, placing in every comp I’ve ever done which is something I’m pretty proud of!


Not only has bodybuilding given me a sense of purpose again, but it’s also given me my confidence and my discipline back. So to me, bodybuilding is so much more than just a sport, it’s actually a lifeline to stay on the straight and narrow, a way to keep focused and disciplined. I guess you could say it keeps me regimented.


My goal for 2019 is to win the IBFA Mr. Britain Class 3, and at my best, I believe I am very capable of achieving this. After that, I’ll see where it takes me and what it leads to. I guess in June we’ll see who’s been working hard.


I train 4 days a week:


Monday – calves, chest, triceps

Tuesday – back, traps

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – calves, shoulders, biceps

Friday – rest

Saturday – quads, hamstrings

Sunday – rest


I like to keep it as simple as possible, working my way up to one all out working set and then a back off set. On my working sets, I add drop sets, triple drops, rest-pause, forced reps or negative reps.


Anyway, I’ve rambled on long enough, so until next time, train hard.