In my last few posts, I explained the fundamentals about nutrition for fat loss and what’s worked for me and my clients over the years.

However, I didn’t talk about the other 50% of dieting that people get MASSIVELY wrong. And that’s intensity when training.

Now, I’m going to be a bit brazen here, because I know you trust that I won’t B/S you guys. So listen closely.

IF your training intensity begins to drop (and it absolutely will the longer you diet), and you start to miss reps, weight targets and the focus in your sessions dwindles, then it spells BIG trouble for your fat loss efforts.

Once you start sacrificing these fundamentals, muscle isn’t gonna stay around for long. This is because the human body is a very adaptable machine, and will sacrifice muscle before fat (more valuable for survival) every day of the week.

Obviously, if you’re trying to get in tip-top shape, this can be a big problem because it can reverse all your hard earned progress.

This is one of the rare instances where over the years, I’ve introduced a specific blend of compounds into my diet because despite doing everything else right with pinpoint precision, you just can’t fight back against biological systems naturally responding in your body.

To combat this, I’ve been using a synergistic blend of TeaCrine™, Caffeine, Kigelia Africana, Hesperidin and Muir Puama.

They all sound very exotic, I know (and I can’t even pronounce them properly in my accent, trust me lol), but I can tell you firsthand that they’re KICK-A** ingredients with an abundance of science behind them.

Not only do they give a profound raise in energy (you honestly don’t feel like you’re on a diet when you’re on them daily), I’ve noticed my performance hasn’t dropped at all the last couple of years I’ve used these compounds.

Now, that’s VERY important because as you recall, you absolutely NEED to keep the intensity high if you want to get razor-sharp without sacrificing hard earned muscle tissue.

The added bonus of this stack is that it has an excellent thermogenic kick to it, helping you to mobilise body fat for energy during training and burning more overall calories, making it a two-in-one solution.

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve included all these ingredients in our fat burner: Thermo 9MM.

Rather than just focus on a crazy blend of stimulants which gets you off your head, this will be a unique product because it has your performance at its heart, with fat loss a byproduct of the awesome blend of compounds.

Like I promised, there’s no proprietary blend in this formula - everything is clearly stated on the label for your ease of mind.

One thing I will say is: start with 1 capsule daily, NOT 2! Believe me, it’s got a hell of a kick to it, and you’ll need time to adapt if you haven’t been an avid consumer of stimulants before.

Even at my weight, there’s no need to go above two capsules daily on this blend because it’s potent enough at just twice per day.

Let me know how you find it, because I’m 100% confident we’ve changed the face of conventional “fat loss” supplements with this holistic approach to maximising performance with this formula.

Until next time, keep it real - 100% or Nothing. Always!