I tend to write about things that I notice or hear in my own gym, from my friends or I see people saying /complaining about online… this is another one.

“I am going to gym same amount of times like you in a week, sometimes more and I seem not to grow or getting stronger same as you, you must be using something… tell me what it is.“


“Anita, why do you lift so heavy every single session? You should go one week heavy one week light..."

First thing first. I am on something! YES! It’s called food, rest and hard work. I might say I am tired, sleepy at some days but as soon as I get some Atomic Bomb in me and start training, I feel like a new born! And yes, I am no different. I get tired, I get fed up with pattern but I love it really. Its only tiring as we all, most of us, do have a day job and some of us even two… My mind is 100% focused on progress. For me this can happen only in one way in gym: lifting some heavy iron. Not only when I feel great, but every single session. I push my boundaries. In order to grow, you MUST be sure you break you muscle tissues properly. Comfort lifting won’t make the difference. Therefore if you lift heavy enough and deplete your muscles every session, you won’t need to hit your back, arms, chest legs twice a week… one killer session at the time finished with some negative movements to make sure there is nothing left in the muscle. By heavy lifting I mean not heaviest you can lift sacrificing your form…. Heavy enough to be challenging while keeping your form correct. Then give it a rest for 6days and on the 7th hit it back again with bigger impact. You should be well recovered after 7days to make most of your training. Try to progress each session. Even if it’s 2.5kg up, it is up! If you train by yourself, look around, find yourself strong spotter, ask for help. We all there for the same reason. To improve. If you lucky enough to have a training partner that love when you improving as same as you love your partner is improving it’s a win win situation!

Don’t get mixed up in all social influences who think they have it all right. We all learn every single day. Nobody knows it all! Split heavy /light week…. Ermmm… been there done that. This will keep you fit but won’t make you grow. It all depends where your goals are. And all of the goals are equally important and brings us all to gym. If you all about fitness, Endurance do your Hiitt cardio, sprints, lift comfortable to keep the muscle tissue shaping up… if you really want to grow… only way is heavy day in and day out. Even while you on prep mode for competition, still go as heavy as you can to keep that muscles on while on calories deficit. There is no excuse.

Other factors why you might not be growing or progressing fast enough is your rest pattern and food intake. For me this is on a same level of importance as lifting heavy weights. Having enough sleep and rest will help you to grow and recover faster. I know most of us do something totally different for living. Myself too. But it won’t make me say I have not enough rest or sleep. I take naps during the day. One during lunch break at work, then after work before training I take 30min to 1h nap depends how tired I am. You can fit it all in. It’s all due to your time management and getting rid of habits that makes you waste time like even simple scrolling forever trough social media. Step back. Have your rest. Focus your energy on something that will benefit your mental and physical growth.

If you struggle creating your own diet plan, ask for help. Get yourself a good prep coach even for offseason if needed. Learn from them. Anything you do, write it down. Observe. How your body reacts to it and to all changes you make. This was you gain better understanding of. Your own body and with time you will be able to help others too.

All we can do is help each other. Exchange experiences and give advice.

It’s all down to the individual if he/she take the advice and use it WISELY.