One of the most important things for me in and out the gym is goal setting.

The habit of setting goals is vital for me to stay motivated. In the offseason my goals can be anything from hitting and sticking to a bodyweight to progressing my lifting. I know that by increasing my lifts, whether it's the weight or the reps, my body will respond in a positive way and I will grow and progress. As long as you’re using the correct form, supplements and diet you will increase muscle mass.

My main goal since I started training was to compete in a bodybuilding show and when I did, my goal was to not look out of place. Once I competed in my first show, I was hooked, my aim for the next part of my competitive journey was to win a show, win an overall, compete abroad and place top 3 in a Mr Britain show.

Two of those goals I have completed by working my ass off, staying focused and setting myself weekly, monthly and yearly target. If you’re consistent in hitting your small goals, they will mount to you completing your big objectives. These are what motivate me to get up in the morning in the rain and snow to get my cardio done, they’re what motivates me to give 100% in every single gym session and what keeps me going when the diet is starting to bite.

With the aid of Maxxmuscle100 supplements this offseason I've managed to smash through plateaus in the gym and while keeping a log book of my lifts, I've managed to hit personal bests. When the atomic bomb hits you and your focus becomes beyond laser, whatever weights are in front of you, you lift it and always mange to squeeze out one more rep. The ‘put another plate on’ mindset takes over and there's no prisoners in the quest for dense muscle.

Adding EAAmmo into my daily routine has improved my performance in the gym and has aided my recovery time and allowed me to hold my target offseason weight in a condition that I had previously struggled to maintain. The pump you get from a mixture of the two is skin splitting and you can feel yourself growing with every rep.

My next goal is to step of stage in 2019, bigger and better than before to fight for those top spots and hopefully complete my last 2 goals. Once they’re completed, it will be time to set new ones for the future to make sure progress never stalls going forward. #maxxmusclearmy #maxxmuscle100

Paul (@hak1n23)