Yesterday, we talked about big supplement companies taking advantage of you with shady tactics, hooking you on a self-perpetuating cycle of damaging stimulants that increase anxiety and leave you ultimately feeling terrible.

Now, there are many reasons these products are bad and I’m against them. Mainly because they cause a massive energy dump post-workout, and if you train in the evenings like me, they severely harm your ability to sleep which is a crucial period of recovery for bodybuilders.

Secondly – and this is very overlooked – they destroy your appetite. And, as we all know, we need calories to grow after training hard!

Lastly, the mental affects these products have on you cannot be overstated enough. They can become very damaging, enhancing your anxiety on a day-to-day level, and leaving you with really negative thoughts.

This is NOT a price worth paying if you want to get big and strong - trust me.

This isn’t a case of “No Pain, No Gain”. It’s just stupid and self-damage.

Here’s what I want you to do instead, if you’re in this position or have been. Follow these simple steps and get your health, mind, and body back on track.

1) Dump the Product and switch to black coffee: it’s still a stimulant, but it’s guaranteed to be much milder than what you’re already taking, and the caffeine will still give you the kick and performance increase you’re probably dependant on while weaning yourself off the heavier stuff.

2) Mitigate all electronics 30 minutes before bed: Im not joking, either. You need to get your mind focused on rest and recovery, not posting selfies on social media, man! Get your priorities straight here and focus on quality sleep.

3) Aim for 7-8 hours minimum per night: As well as turning off the electronics 30 minutes before bed, you should also make a conscious effort to get at the very least 7 hours per night. Anything less is technically sleep deprivation, and that’s when you’ll start noticing damaging effects to your cognitive performance and overall health, not to mention lackluster physique progress!

Now you might well be saying to me, after writing all this: “Anth, why do you write all this and then come out with a pre-workout of your own with Atomic Bomb Isn’t it hypocritical?

And that’s a good question. Tomorrow I’m going to answer it for you ! ;-)

Speak then, and until then, Keep it Real – 100% Or Nothing.