In a confused world of the fitness industry many people can be bought into fads in both training and diet, I see it all the time across my group of friends an people in the gym they’ve seen some fitness model with elite genetics doing fancy exercises or eating 5 million calories a day from cereal and burgers. What people forget is they don’t show you is the stuff that got them to where they are, why? Because it’s boring and basic, people on social media generally don’t want to believe its down to eating six solid meals a day from high quality foods or busting your ass in the gym doing the hard stuff like Squats, Deadlifts or incline bench press.

Stop trying to imitate the people who are showing you the fun stuff, the easy stuff because that isn’t going to build you a thick, dense, quality physique. So what will create that physique, the summer body you want or the show winning physique…… Hard work, lifting heavy weights using perfect form whilst eating a solid diet and supplementing with quality products. So what would a basic week look like for me coming into a contest:

· Cardio on a daily basis starting from 30 mins a day gradually working its way up as I got closer to the show.
· Training following the HIT principles (if you haven’t already download your free HIT training manual from
· Nutrition would be from sources below and amounts would be adjusted as needed

1. On wake EAA ammo, greens powder, lemon/Lime juice, Thermo 9MM & health supps
2. Oats, Whey & coconut oil
3. Chicken, brown rice & Veg
4. Salmon, Sweet potato & Veg
5. Chicken, White rice & Veg
6. Pre gym EAAAmmo & Atomic Bomb
7. Post gym EAAAmmo & Cyclic dextrin
8. Baby rice and whey
9. Low fat mice beef, greek yoghurt and blueberries

As you can see from the above this is very basic and guess what…… it works!

I have built quality muscle and getting in show condition. Why does it work? Because I’m creating a calorie deficit I burn body fat, by maintaining a high level of protein within my diet I can maintain the muscle I have built.

If you are not looking to compete but are looking to improve your body composition the same principles should apply to yourself but with little more leeway within your diet as you aren’t looking to get in show condition. So if you are someone out there who has been following what you see on social media or a fancy fad plan that someone has put you on to take a step back and give the basics a go.

Download your HIT training manual, hit some cardio and set a solid nutrition plan and watch those results happen.