In recent years, you’ve probably heard a plethora of diets becoming mainstream.

Intermittent fasting, ketogenic method, carb backloading, etc. Man, it’s a minefield with all this info flying around.

Is it any wonder so many people are confused on which theory to apply when they’re overwhelmed by the amount of “guru’s” and contest prep coaches out there singing off a different hymn sheet as having discovered the “best” approach?

Let me give it to you straight: ALL of these methods work to some degree, and ALL have their downsides as well.

As somebody who’s been in the game for two decades, I’ll tell ‘ya straight up, the internet has been both a blessing and a curse.

Back in the day, people just stuck with the fundamentals and were much more focused, because there wasn’t so many alternative theories flying around to turn their heads!

I’m not saying this to bash these approaches - I’m just saying it because ultimately, it can do more harm than good to have so many theories on what works best for fat loss, along with so many different coaches each with an ulterior motive to promote their methods whilst bashing others.

I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what I’ve done myself and with the overwhelming majority of my clients for the past 20 years. Suffice to say, I can’t remember anyone this method hasn’t worked for.

Carb Cycling centered around a 7 day split: 6 days low carbs, 1 day high carbs to offset metabolic slowdown and reset leptin and thyroid downregulation.

That’s it!

No, honestly, that is it. Sorry if I disappointed you, but here’s are some bullet points of the fundamentals to this approach to help you:

  • You work out your daily calories based on what’ll make you lose 1-2lbs per week (3,500kcal deficit per week - around 500 per day).
  • On the 7th day (preferably on leg day, or your most intense session where you need to bring a lagging bodypart up), have a high carbohydrate day where you go into a slight surplus.
  • I don’t do “cheat meals” - the 7th day is focused around quality sources of carbs predominantly. If you want to eat dirty food, however, have the higher calorie food factored into your macros on this day.
  • Remember to pack the fibrous veggies (free calories) into 80% of your meals like I referred to in yesterday’s e-mail.
  • Use sensible thermogenic’s and appetite suppressing ingredients if you have excessive cravings such as TeaCrine™ to keep you adhering to targets.

So, there you go, my “Golden Rules” for fat loss, if you like.

Of course, things are a little more meticulous, but the bread and butter of the nutrition remains focused around these simple rules.

Now, what’s the second part of dieting where the going gets tough and most people fail?

The Training.

And tomorrow, I’m going to discuss exactly how I keep my intensity sky-high in the build-up to a contest, and how I hold on to my muscle whilst getting shredded.

Speak then. Keep it real - 100% Or Nothing.