Yesterday I talked about the importance of performance, and why it’s the most effective way to elicit change in your physique – whether it’s for muscle growth or fat loss. Today, I want to warn you that, they’re onto you…

“Who’s they?”, I hear you ask.

Well, of course, it’s the big marketing behind the supplement companies!

They KNOW all about performance, let me tell you. They’re aware that as a population, we’re sleeping less than ever, and this has a profoundly negative affect on your performance.

And they’re playing on the fact that you feel like s***, quite cleverly.

However, it’s a shame that their solutions to us feeling more stressed as a society is not to educate us on the benefits of optimizing our bodies, but on plugging the gap with a fast-track solution. And it comes in the sense of vicious, out-of-control stimulants.

The “pre-workouts” on the market today are TERRIBLE, and doing you more harm than good, believe me. 90% of what I see these days is overpowering, dangerous stimulants designed to get you wired off your head, and they leave you feeling awful afterwards, unable to sleep even more so, thereby increasing your dependency on them for your next session!

Very clever, I know. The funny thing is, I’ve met so many people who are aware of this, but still can’t drag themselves away from these products, such is their dependency on them!

And even worse, they’re sometimes up to 3 scoops on the bast**** just so they can train! It’s a vicious cycle, and it HAS to stop somewhere.

I know, spare me the irony, I HAVE released my own brand after all. But that doesn’t mean I can’t give my own honest input anymore surely, does it? I’ve built a reputation on maintaining my credibility by always telling the truth, and I don’t think I can’t do that anymore now I have my own brand. In fact, I think I’m in a better position to do so, because I’ve seen and spoken to literally ALL the major players behind the scenes now and seen what they’re up to!

So, if you relate to this blog post, you’re going to really love the advice I have for you tomorrow on how to get yourself off dependency on these products and back into the groove performing naturally again. You owe it to your body’s health more than anything to read my e-mail tomorrow, so make sure you open it.

Speak then, and keep it real – 100% Or Nothing.