One thing that I never thought about when I got into bodybuilding was how it would affect some people who don’t have any interest in going to the gym and looking after their health. It did cross my mind that as we get older the benefits of my training would start to show as compared to my friends that didn’t.

This is probably why this problem gets worse ‘specially with friends’ as we get older. Not everyone is like this. I have friends who’ve never stepped foot in a gym who show nothing but support. Unfortunately for some the realisation that not caring about their health has caught up with them and they believe it’s now to late to do anything about it. This anger and upset turns to jealousy and they need someone to blame. 

Body shaming starts with little digs like ‘you think your better than us’ then the talking behind your back starts. Men are getting much worse for this and when there’s a group of them doing it they don’t see a problem with it. I’m confident about my body but having this off people I thought of as good friends caused me depression and this led to anxiety as you would expect. When I tried to talk about it I got ‘what’s he got to be depressed about? look at him!’ I needed a change in some of the people I was mixing with so that’s what I did. 

When friends are holding you back they’re not true friends. There’s plenty of people who will support and encourage you and you can do the same for them. Distance yourself from the shamers and they’re negativity and spend more time with people who get behind you and want to see you do well. I’m lucky now to have a lot of support off the right people with what I do. Friends that go out of their way to help and want to see me succeed at what I do. I’ve also learned not to worry about how others see me. I’m happy with how I look and if it upsets other people that’s their problem.