So you want to get shredded but you have no idea how much Protein, Carbs and Fat you need to be taking in to achieve this?

I do online coaching, and if I have a client who comes to me, who wants to get in shape, but hasn’t had a very good structure to their offseason approach (which a lot of guys don’t!) then we need to figure out a starting point.

I will work out template for them to get a basic starting point, by asking a number of questions...

Age, Occupation, Training Style, How much cardio they are currently doing, etc.

For example, a 25 year old guy who works manual labour all day and trains 5 days per week is going to need more calories (Carbohydrate is the main variable that is adjusted) than a 40 year old gentleman who works an office job and can only get to the gym 3 days per week.

Let’s take someone 200lbs as an example:

Protein would be 1.5g per lb of bodyweight - 300g

Carbohydrate would be 1.5g per lb of bodyweight for someone with a sedentary job - 300g or 2 - 2.5g per lb of bodyweight with a physically demanding job - 400 - 500g

Fat would have around 0.5g per lb of bodyweight - 50g

As you can see, I am pretty old school with high protein, moderate to low carbs and low fat.

I would have the person do this template for 2 weeks straight, with no cardio, just to see what happened with diet alone.

Then I would monitor what happened.

If the person gained weight, I would reduce carbs a little and add in a little cardio.

If someone dropped weight too quickly, it would be the opposite. I would raise the carbohydrate slightly.

Carbohydrates and cardo are usually the only macros that are adjusted. Protein and fat generally stay the same.

For changes, I would adjust carbs by 30 - 50g amounts and cardio would be adjusted in jumps of 15 minutes. Always small changes - the body doesn’t like major changes!

Progress would be taken by weekly records of bodweight and pictures.

Of course, when we really want to ramp things up, I have started to implement 2 capsules per day of Thermo 9MM into the equation for clients.

However, we will start on 1 capsule, such is the potency of this beast, and then gauge responsiveness before increasing to two. It really is that effective.