I’m all about intensity.


The blood, sweat, and tears, soaked into the tank top as I crawl out of the gym practically begging for mercy from the iron. 

Some call me a sadist for doing this to myself. I guess we all get our kicks in different ways… 

But there’s a bigger picture I want you to consider when I spout off my catchphrase, “100% or Nothing”.


It’s about Quality Over Quantity. 

Intensity over volume. 

Reps over sets.


These are the defining features that create champions. It absolutely IS about how hard you work, but it’s also about how SMART you work too.

So when it comes to training, always remember that it’s the maximum effort that counts, and everything else is just inefficient filler that doesn’t provide a stimulus to grow.

 Always look to cut unnecessary sets where you can’t give it your all; it digs into recovery capabilities.

 Talking about recovery for a second...

 Now Maxxmuscle has launched you’re going to have some HUGE upgrades to your arsenal in the war on the weight room.

 The bog standard “Protein & Maltodextrin” with the feeble amino-spiking is just not gonna cut it folks.

 I’m going to be consistently providing you with some INTENSE formulas that deliver real results. No prop blend filler - just high quality, raw ingredients in the right dosages at the right times.

 And education is going to be fundamental to that process.

 I’m not just going to point and say “Take this and get MASSIVE”.

 It’s not my style. Never has been.

Instead, I’m going to TEACH YOU the principles of extreme muscle growth to combine with these products in a way that allows consistent progress over the long-term.

 Tomorrow, I’m going to give you some real, straight-up advice that other pro’s seem to keep concealed about the ‘Bulking & Cutting’ fallacy that often does more harm than good.

 Stay tuned. Keep it real. 100% or nothing - ALWAYS.