These days, I’ve seen individuals training various muscle groups often two, sometimes thrice weekly!

My question to these individuals is simple: “How do you generate maximum intensity on a muscle group up to three times a week?

As a professional bodybuilder who’s owned a gym for over 15 years, I can tell you speaking from experience, that for me, it’s simply not possible.

Since I’m in the business of HIT (High Intensity Training), the stress imposed upon my central nervous system (CNS) is simply too strong to recover to hit a bodypart multiple times per week.

I’ve been there, done that, and I can tell you that for my training methodology, the results aren’t superior. A higher training frequency has often meant a reduced intensity in overall training quality, and I’ve even noticed a negative psychological carryover where you often dread - or worse, conserve effort - for upcoming days when you’re due to train the muscle group again. It kind of goes against the grain of what I’m teaching…

My preferred training frequency

Simply put, I’ve found once a week to be sufficient when training a muscle group and this has worked most effectively in allowing me to maximise my genetic potential.

I’m not going to stand here and say you can’t train a muscle group more than twice a week. But for HIT style training, I personally don’t believe you’ll get superior results from upping the training frequency, and you’re more likely to simply dig into recovery capabilities diminishing the effectiveness of your workouts.

Keep it short, keep it intense, and focus on quality over quantity - that’s my take-home message on this issue. Intensity is paramount, and thrashing a muscle once per week is sufficient for HIT style training.

Just remember to give it 100% or Nothing, and you’ll be primed to optimise muscle growth.