If somebody asked me what the right ingredients were to deliver the perfect workout, my response would always be the same: intensity.

The #1 factor that ultimates results in your muscles growing and adapting to stress is solely dependant upon the intensity you generate during your workouts. 

But how do you harness the mindset for intensity? 

It starts with the obvious: pre-workout meditation - aka “visualisation” - a proper nights sleep (7-8 hours), and correct eating habits.


These are your fundamentals - the bricks and mortar of your success when it comes to intensity in the weight room.


After you’ve got those nailed, it’s time to focus on the proven compounds that can supercharge your performance…


I don’t want to go into too much detail here, as our formula’s are quite ingredient dense, but let’s just say this: there is ONE ingredient that has me really amped and excited, that I'm pleased to include in our pre-workout product.


It’s similar to caffeine, HOWEVER, it only produces clean, lazer-focused energy, with NO crash, jitters or anxiety, and doesn’t interrupt your sleeping habits.


I don’t want to give go into the science in this post, but let’s just say that for instilling the right mindset in warriors, this ingredient is nothing short of being revolutionary.


Of course, you’ve still got the expected assortment of beta-alanine, creatine, and citruline (3 most proven ergogenic aids) to enhance your performance, in the right dosages proven by science.


But it’s the first ingredient, Theacrine, that I love so much, that’s going to turn most heads, admittedly. So check out ‘Atomic Bomb’ right now, it has literally EXPLODED onto the scene and caused some serious shockwaves…


Until next time: keep it real. 100% or Nothing - always!