Whenever I see a new fat burning product I am generally rather sceptical. Its most likely because I have never given one a chance and just favoured a good old black coffee to get my caffeine (the main ingredient in most fat burners. Maxxmuscle’s Thermo 9mm caught my attention as it has ingredients in there I not heard a lot about but when I did some digging about their benefits I was intrigued. One of which was Teacrine. So let’s take a look and see what Teacrine is and what it actually has to offer.

Firstly, I feel it’s best to note that Teacrine is the patented name for Theacrine. So if you ever see either of these two pop up you’ll know they are. Now that’s taken of, Teacrine, what is it? Well, Teacrine is a small alkaloid molecule which can be seen as a structurally modified version of caffeine, since it looks to be synthesized from caffeine in some plants and then accrues; it is found in highest (known) levels in camellia assamica variant kucha which is from where Kucha tea is made from.

Now here is the part you have been waiting for, the benefits. Well Teacrine has been shown to Increase energy production, Reduce discomfort, Heighten mental focus, Improve mood and even Strengthen motivation. Now that’s only the start, Teacrine has also been shown to:

  • Support healthy metabolic activity and energy production
  • Decrease physical discomfort associated with intense exercise
  • Reduce perceived exertion from exercise
  • Increase cellular protection through antioxidant activity
  • Support a positive mood and decreased feelings of stress and irritability and Increase motivation to exercise and accomplish tasks Increase neural drive.

Now if with a list of benefits like that, you can see why Teacrine has drawn such hype.

So now I have got your attention with that mind boggling endless list of benefits, let’s look at how Teacrine actually works. Well, Teacrine works and serves to fuel athlete’s and gym goers alike through four mechanisms. Teacrine modulates other neurotransmitters and increases dopamine but it also decreases adenosine and decreases ROS and inflammatory cytokines.

The seemingly never ending list of benefits of Teacrine come from the synergistic reactions between two neural pathways, the dopaminergic and adenosinergic pathways. By affecting these pathways, Teacrine accelerates metabolism, increases energy production, and enables competitive athletes, active individuals and driven professionals to better their physical and mental performance.

Now its documented in an open-source scientific publication on teacrine, concentrated teacrine doses activate dopaminergic receptors D1 and D2, supporting an increase in dopamine production. Research on teacrine has also shown that the supplement increases activity in the nucleus accumbens (NAc) region of the brain, associated with reward and motivations. Decades of scientific studies have shown that high dopamine levels result in a surge of energy, improved mood, sensations of pleasure, increased motivation and greater mental focus and clarity. By inhibiting the production of Adenosine as well, Teacrine will help stop processes that create sedation or relaxation, so no more feeling tired during training.

Physical activity, especially gut wrenching workouts, naturally results in an inflammatory response and increase in oxidative stress. When exercise sets off this complex interaction known as an inflammation "reaction cascade," inflammatory cytokines can trigger the expression of enzymes that result in muscle and joint discomfort. By decreasing the unbalanced reactive oxygen species (ROS) production and inflammatory cytokines triggered by exercise, Teacrine helps to maintain inflammation within the normal range, which helps decrease muscle and joint discomfort during and following exercise. So not only will you work hard for longer but you will also experience less discomfort as well.

This to me looks like the perfect supplement for pretty much anyone looking to perform harder, and more intense in the gym. Its cross over of benefits is endless, someone looking to lose weight on less calories will feel more tired and less motivated to go and have their toughest workout but with the help of Teacrine that motivation can be rekindled and this will result in a huge workout at unrivalled intensity levels meaning more calories burnt and more fat shifted.

But even for the person needing to train before work say and needing an extra boost, Teacrine can provide the necessary alertness and energy to help push harder. You will even feel sore from it. So try if you are looking to use this supplement in right dose or are looking to support your weight loss goals, look no further than Thermo 9mm that has proven dosages of Teacrine and a whole host of other brilliant ingredients.

Teacrine is present in both Thermo 9MM and Atomic Bomb