I wasn’t born with the best genetics.

Take one look at my physique and my flaws are evident. 

Sure, I’m pretty big, and I DID accomplish an incredible feat by winning my IFBB pro card. 

But I’m absolutely NOT perfect - far from it! 

But you know what? I STILL MADE IT…


Listen, you can hear all kinds of crazy talk when it comes to training programs, dietary approaches and what you should be ‘taking’ to become a freak.

 I’ve seen it all before. Hell, I’ve did it all before too.

 Believe me, if there was a cheat sheet on how to get to the top, I’ve probably tried it, and I’ve definitely seen it before.

 You want to know what actually worked?


100% application to my craft, week in, week out, leaving nothing to chance.

 I harnessed the mindset of a champion, and I followed the plan diligently with every ounce of effort I’ve got.

 And I may not be perfect, but you know what? I made it and achieved my goal.


You can do the same too. But you have to cultivate the right mindset.

 And it doesn’t just start and end in the gym. 

It’s about what you eat.

 It’s about how much you sleep.

 And it’s about who you surround yourself with.

 Only the most dedicated make it to the top, NOT the most talented.


Having the right weapons to help you along the way in the battle is incredibly important, mind, so in my final message tomorrow, I am going to reveal a few secrets I’ve been dying to share with you.


Keep it real, and always remember: 100% or nothing can be applied to any aspect of your life and is a guarantee of success. If you want it, you’ll get it eventually with consistency.