Looking for a competitive edge on the battlefield? Amino Acids have been clinically proven to increase performance and enhance recovery between sets. Learn why EAAMMO can be a dependable combatant in the weight room.


The Need for Amino Acids


Most bodybuilding discussion is dominated by the lifter’s need for Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) in and out of the gym. Whilst BCAAs are a powerful way of enhancing muscle protein synthesis, new research has shown that they work more effectively when paired with Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) around the training window.


When formulating EAAMMO, we were the first to acknowledge this and mould the formula around these facts. It’s not enough to simply create a BCAA, standalone formula - tons of other companies already do the same. To get the competitive edge and deliver a world class, effective product that will improve your physique and performance on the battlefield, we needed to combine both, so that’s what we’ve done.


EAAMMO: A Powerhouse Amino Acid Formula


Each serving of EAAMMO simply blows the competition away.


With over 7.9g of Essential Amino Acids per serving, you’re off to a flying start.


However, it’s the reinforcement of 6g of Branched Chain Amino Acids to each serving that really places it head and shoulders above the competition.


Its monstrous dose of Leucine makes it ideal for mTOR signalling which increase muscle building, recovery and even fat signalling, while the rest of the formula ramps up recovery between gruelling sessions and is able to effectively spare muscle tissue during periods of strenuous dieting.


Enhanced with the powerful adaptogen Ashwugandha, you’re able to relieve stress and anxiety and also improve cognitive performance with this intelligent, never-seen-before addition to an amino formula.


Nestled into a delicious concoction of both Tropical Lime Flavour & Cherry Flavour, EAAMMO is a flamethrower that’s too hot for the rest of the competition to come near, that we’re certain of.


When to Use EAAMMO


The beauty of EAAMMO lies within its versatility.


The most obvious inclusion is during the training window, with 1 scoop being effective pre-workout, while another scoop post-workout will enhance recovery and prolong intensity during the actual training session.


A lot of Maxxmuscle100 customers like to sip the product starting at pre-workout alongside a serving of Atomic Bomb, and then continue to sip it in between sets before proceeding to down another serving immediately post-workout.


This makes sense: you prolong training intensity and sustain performance intra-workout, while fast-tracking recovery post-workout where the body has been savaged and starts the rebuilding process.


One last recommendation: if you’re somebody who struggles with recovery or is dieting intensely in the build-up for a show/event, then an additional serving throughout your day or before bed is highly advisable. During these periods, the body is susceptible to breaking down aminos for fuel, and EAAMMO can effectively safeguard you against potential muscle loss.


Before bed has an added bonus: Ashwugandha, the powerful adaptogen, is able to relieve stress and anxiety and mentally leave you in a relaxed state, exactly what you need before entering a period of recovery.


“But What If I Eat Enough Protein?”


Many hard training lifter’s are right to be curious whether eating sufficient protein intake alone is enough to negate the use of EAAMMO. The answer is no - supplementing with amino acids, in particular during the intra-workout period has been clinically shown to be more effective at enhancing recovery and sustaining performance.


Due to their immediate digestion, amino acids are able to be utilised in the bloodstream rapidly as opposed to whole foods in a unique way.


The science is very clear on this one: supplement with BCAAs/EAAs offers unique benefits that whole foods alone simply can’t offer. And when you’re looking for every % to get a competitive edge, that’s enough conviction for us to warrant creating a formula for the most hardcore of lifters.




A true soldier never goes onto the battlefield with anything less than 100% preparation and equipment ready for war. Keep EAAMMO in your arsenal and prepare for a serious assault on the weight room and enhance your recovery capabilities and muscle growth to the next level.