I have been using HIT training since I first began training. At the time I hadn’t realised that it had a name, it was just how I trained and it got the results I was looking for. Starting out as a naturally lean frame, this way of training enabled me to put enough muscle on to compete. 

What does HIT training stand for? 

HIT training is the acronym for HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING.

Which, as the name suggests, is basically putting your body under intense stress in order for it to adapt and change by breaking down the muscle fibres so they can grow back.

Not just by doing your typical 3-4 sets of 10 reps. But by going all out until you have nothing left to give. Well out of your comfort zone!

Many people over the years have used this method. The most well known in bodybuilding being Dorian Yates. He used this type of training when achieving his Mr. Olympia titles.

Ants Bails went in to use this method, as it was such a recognised tool for achieving results.

Who is Anth Bails?

Anth Bails is an English IFBB professional bodybuilder with over 20 years experience. He owns Maxx Muscle gym in the north east and is widely known for his down to earth, yet hardcore approach to training along side Leroy ‘nasty’ Davies , who is also a former training partner of the aforementioned Dorian Yates.

What does ‘Free’ really mean nowadays?

Everyone loves a freebie.

But nowadays there’s usually a catch... “enter your email address, pop your card details in, subscribe for one month free, buy this, get this free”.. etc.

Anth has put his vast experience and knowledge on to paper in this HIT e book and it is completely free!
No catch, no subscription, no catch.

The only thing you need to apply is your own energy to experience personal gains, both in learning and understanding and in see the rewards and change in your physique.

If you’re looking to see some serious results, give it a go.

There’s nothing to lose!

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