Lets talk nutrition. This is the second most important thing in bodybuilding, next to training.

People trying to complicate everything too much and then complaining why they don't achieve the results they want.

Lets keep it simple. Single ingredient foods are what we should be holding onto.

  • Personally for carbs I choose to use rice, oats and sweet potatoes.
  • For proteins : chicken, eggs, beef steak, salmon and protein powder, and fiber is most of all broccoli or any other green veg during prep.
  • For fats I tend to use mostly avocado's or in offseason some peanut butter.

In offseason also I add some colourful veggies like carrots, peppers, tomatoes. Foods that our body will digest easily. Less stress on your stomach will be highly beneficial in keeping that waistline tight. I make sure I deliver to my body potassium straight from food which will be bananas and plantains. Too often people are relying on tablets or other sort of supplementation while all we need is in food really. Remember one thing: dont cut short on your nutrition as whatever you put in, your body will give back. Choose quality food over cheap and less nutritional ones.

A lot f people are complaining during competition prep that they get bloated a lot, especially when they have a cheat meal and have some sweet treat with it. Especially if it is a one off every few weeks... that is a normal reaction of your body if, at first, you feed it with all clean food for weeks or months. Your body will work like a little machine, it won't know how to deal with other kinds of food after it has adjusted to clean foods. What you are doing then is introducing heavy and hard to digest food in an amount that is way over the top and your body just can't handle it.

I have been there myself before. I have done prep with no sugar at all in my diet. This was exactly how my body responded. Now this year I have had every single week a cheat meal with a sweet desert. My body didnt have a problem with digesting it. For one because it was used to it, and also because I have made my cheat meals smarter.

What does it mean to have smarter cheat meals? I have not had so much food that I was not able to walk but I had 4 clean meals on the day of cheat meal followed by a pizza or a burger, plus one portion of desert, not a whole cake. It's about moderation, balance, and being sensible.

SO that will work exactly the same during carb loading before competition... a huge mistake that most of competitors do is bombarding body with food that it is not used to during all the prep and the result of it is huge disappointment by not getting the condition they want by making if way worse than before carb loading. Keep your food clean, stick to the foods that is known for your body and results will come like clockwork.

If it comes to choose your supplementation, make sure you use the high standard brands. As we know the very popular brands and cheap protein are unfortunately not as rich in nutrition as it says in their description. Most of protein powders out there are just blends of protein with creatine...so do your research before you decide on the brand . For me its TACTICAL WHEY which is a blend of whey concentrate, isolate and hydrolysade with glutamine and anti-inflammatory and joint complex from MSM and Cavacurmin. It also taste great which is an extra benefit as its just like a treat.